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Join the kidney health community “4” a world without kidney diseases. 

Our 4 Key Priorities

Intervene earlier

to ​prevent, diagnose, coordinate care, and educate. 

Transform Transplant

and increase access to donor kidneys.

Accelerate Innovation

and expand patient choice.

Achieve Equity

and eliminate disparities.

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United 4 Kidney Health

من أقصى الجنوب التونسي، كلنا يد واحدة للحد من إنتشار أمراض الكلى و مخلفاتها و رفع نسبة الوعي بمسبباتها لدى العموم و للمساهمة في تحقيق تغطية صحية شاملة للجميع

Dr. Mohamed Zied Ben Bettaieb Tataouine, Tunisia

As a CKD patient and advocate I support all of the initiatives. Three generations of my family have been affected by Alport syndrome and it is our hope that this progress will improve the quality of our lives.

Sharon Lagas Phoenix, United States

I am a practicing nephrologist in Delaware and passionate about kidney health and improving outcomes for patients with kidney disease.

sangeetha satyan Camden Wyoming, United States

Home dialysis should be an option for all who need dialysis! Let's improve access to and outcomes of home dialysis and ''build'' an equitable and brighter future together!

Jeff Perl Toronto, Canada

I totally support your initiative! I have been on many asn committees including the Dislysis Advisory Group and 2 subcommittes of ASN NTDS. I am a passionate patient advocate and run our transition unit where 53 percent of pts choose home hd or pd. I will help in any way or where u need help. Greg

Greg Braden Springfield,MA, United States

Go Kidneys! Honored to champion the health of all our patients and kidney community!!

Vineeta Kumar Birmingham, United States

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