Kentaro Nakai

Living a happy life with CKD. We provide treatment to reduce the incidence of CVD and offer all options to those who wish to...

Jackie Lindstrom

My sister has experienced kidney failure, then dialysis, and finally a dual organ transplant. I have gained so much knowledge from her experiences and...

Eric Weinhandl

Let’s make home dialysis more accessible and more effective for more patients.

Ayah Elmaghrabi

I am a pediatric nephrologist from Arizona and I am 4 kidney health!

Mark Rudy

Kentucky Nephrology Fellow interested in improving kidney health outcomes for underserved areas in the US

Rafael Valenzuela-Tapia

Nephrologist must be involved more in early intervention and start to treat CKD stage 2 PCP may consider early nephrology evaluation

Rania Aburahma

I am Rania from Abu Dhabi , ready to join the Movement for better kidney Health

Anthony Miller

As someone who suffers from post ureter hydronephrosis, AKD, and CKD stage 3 I really don’t want anyone to give up their fight, because...